8 Miles From Home. Not 80, Not 800.

But just 8 miles from our home in England, our car broke down and left us stranded. We talked a lot, and decided it was time to get a dog, move abroad, change our jobs and make movies about it… Read the whole story!

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  • Making the most of city life at #winterlights2019 around #canarywharflondon .
Story was a bit confused being out late past her bedtime but once the lights turned on she realized she was there for something magical.
Big thanks to uncle @fathergoodofficial for suggesting the night out and uncle @o.becreative for driving us up there in the ‘White Car’ as Story calls it. 😊
Check out their Instagram pages for more pics of our night out.
And tune in to @8milesfromhome on YouTube tonight at 6pm for our Winter Lights Vlog
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  • We’ve been offline for a few weeks now, trying to get our lives in order to jump start 2019 in a new direction. 😌
It’s time to give you all an update on what’s happening. We are currently still in London working everyday on our new projects and helping J’s mum around the house due to her broken ankles. 👣We’ve been informed by our landlady that our contract on our house in Portugal will not be renewed so we are looking for a new home. 🏡
We will be returning to Portugal to collect our stuff and hopefully find somewhere new to live in the next few weeks.🙏🏻
To add to that last week J’s uncle passed away and the family has been hit emotionally with the lead up to his funeral.😞 We will be staying for the cremation before we make any plans to leave England.
Story has grown up a lot in the last few weeks and we are desperately looking for a place to call home so we can get back to some form of regular family routine that’s right for us.
We wanted to say thank you for being so patient with us while we have been offline dealing with these changes. We plan to be vlogging again next week with our new channel direction included and we’re excited about where things will lead in 2019.
See you all soon .
#storyember #lifeupdate #plans #2019 #8milesfromhome
  • My family 🤗 We had a nostalgic tour of the forests near where we were raised on a sunny winters morning and it really brought out the memories for us all.
Story was insistent that we all move into a local tree house, so we squeezed in for a family selfie before she ran off to find a felled tree to pretend was a boat. 😂
What a beautiful winters morning. I included a few pics of me as a 3 year old at the same place if you swipe right to the end. 😌
Have you got an area that’s stayed the same for generations too?
#childhoodmemories #eppingforest #eppingforestwalks #getoutmore #wintermorning #englishweather #generations #familyphotos #londonlife #storyember
  • Felt like an absolute tourist stopping to photograph these highland cows in the Yorkshire Dales. But it was worth it to hear Story proclaim that they were mud cows! We all had a good laugh 😂
It’s been very nice to be surrounded by so much wildlife recently. One of the benefits of a rainy and wet environment. England may not get much sunshine but the trade off can be rewarding in other ways 🤗
#highlandcows #yorkshiredales #englandtourism #englishcountrysideadventures #mist #misty #moodynaturelandscapes #atmospheric #mudcows #englishweather #familyvloggers #getoutmore #exploreyorkshire #exploreyorkshiredales
  • 2019 is going to be a year of change for us. We know that for sure, but haven’t pinned down the details yet.
Meeting new like minded friends and exploring new parts of the world will be pinnacle to that movement.
The time we spent with Mike & @curiouslyjen in Yorkshire has been a real eye opener for us, and definitely broadened our search to include England in our plans. It was just so beautiful there, even though the weather wasn’t great.
We spent the last few days talking about our dreams and choices and how much they’ve adapted over the years. One thing is certain, we shouldn’t fear or reject change. It is necessary for growth. We want to help Story to learn to embrace that as she grows too, by setting that example for her.
Happy 2019 to you all. Let’s make change happen 😊
#happynewyear2019 #digitalnomads #yorkshiredales #naturalengland #englishcountryside #storyember #newyearnewbeginnings #newfriendships #makechangehappen #youtubers #family #25monthsold #amazingproperty #lifeinengland
  • The Yorkshire Dales... WOW
Coming soon in next weeks vlogs 🤗 Have you been to Yorkshire?
#yorkshiredales #visityorkshire #ruskinsview #visitengland #countrysideviews #homehunting #scoutingmission #yorkshire #radicalsteps
  • It’s been an exhausting Christmas for little Story who is suffering from a really snotty nose and raspy cough 😞
Story NEVER normally gets sick so it’s been especially difficult to see her struggle on this special family day.
Despite it all though she’s had wonderful time playing with all her new ‘Duplos’, we think she’s got shares in the LEGO company now by default 😂
Merry Christmas everybody .
#feliznatal #merrychristmas2018 #storyember #25monthsold #christmastime🎄
  • Merry Christmas everyone! Eden here, i’d just like to let you all know I’m having a lovely day. I’m 14 years old as of Christmas Eve and I still feel young as a puppy.
I’ve been out for a forest walk and had a lovely wash and lots of treats.
There won’t be any vlog today though because my mum and dad want to have some private time with me and the rest of the family.
Hope that’s ok! We’ll be sharing some photos of the day when that little baby Story wakes up and gets her presents. 🤗#feliznatal #merrychristmas #cockerspaniel #englishcockerspaniel #christmasdog #christmasday #presents🎁
  • One of our favourite places in the whole of Portugal. This old town is surrounded by medieval castle walls and is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen. On this day for the first time we got to see it lit up at night and it was a whole new level of magic! Story loved staying up late and wondering the starry lit streets 😊
Have you ever been to Óbidos?
#visitportugal #vilanatal2018 #vilanatal #aldeiasmaravilhas #aldeiasdeportugal #obidos #óbidos #storyember #portugal #christmasvillage #christmasvillageportugal #thingstodoinportugal #dusky #bluehour
  • I’ve spent so many hours with this little one since bringing her into this world. I sometimes forget that each day she grows, bigger and smarter, she’s getting closer to a time when she’ll be off on her own adventures without me.
I know it’s a long way off. But just thinking about it helps me appreciate these days when she wants to be close to her mummy and daddy. To adventure with us, to watch a sunset and say, ‘wow beau-full’ in her sweet little baby voice.That’s what motivates us to carry on creating. We want to give her a broad and varied perspective of this world. We want her to be curious and content with little things. Just as we try to be.It’s true that there’s no instruction manual when you have kids. And each child is so unique. But each challenge has helped me become more confident as an adult. And I hope that Story can feel that too.
Let’s go see the world together #storyember , one lake at a time 😊
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