8 Miles From Home. Not 80, Not 800.

But just 8 miles from our home in England, our car broke down and left us stranded. We talked a lot, and decided it was time to get a dog, move abroad, change our jobs and make movies about it… Read the whole story!

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  • Currently working hard on editing the next video, it will be an all nighter for J to try & get it finished on time. Have you watched our latest video on all things Lisbon?
We really enjoy our days out in the city & always find some thing new to do there each time we go. It can sometimes be difficult trying to keep a ‘threenager’ entertained on a full day out but Lisbon never disappoints!
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  • J asked me today, imagine what life would be like if we only had to do one thing. But do it REALLY well.
It made me think, I could take better photos? I could spend more time writing recipes maybe? Our blog? Our jewelry store? The videos we make etc
The list just kept growing in my brain until we both realized that doing just one thing would never have led us to where we are right now. Playing in the rock pools with #storyember on a weekday and still somehow making it our work.It’s always a personal battle for us, trying to balance how much time we spend doing each element of our jobs. But when it all comes together and we have video memories like this one to treasure forever, it’s totally worth it. ☺️
Have you watched our latest YouTube video yet? This short clip comes from the full version on our channel. Link is in my profile bioOr click this one if it works
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  • While at our local beach recently we came across this very realistic sand croc, Story couldn't stop talking about it & it inspired us to go make our own... swipe across to see our attempts at some sand art! Daddy made the crocodile while mummy made the turtle, I'm pretty pleased with it. Makes a change from sand castles! What do you think?! #beachlife #sandart #familytime #travelwithkids #sandanimals #daddydaughter #sandcrocodile #storyember #fozdoarelho #silvercoast #worldschoolers #artiseverywhere
  • Grandads trip to Portugal is over already but we are so thankful for the time we got to spend together & for Story & Grandad to bond on the sands of the Silver Coast. In recent years, especially since Story’s birth, we have realized more than ever the importance of these special family moments. I hope to do more traveling with my dad in the future as those are the times we are both at ease & everyday provides a new opportunity to create memories. Favorite moment of this trip, I’m torn between seeing the cheeky smile on dads face after he returned from a scooter ride in Lisbon or the look on his face when he realised the ice cream he was eating was actually vegan! 😂 #justliketherealthing
Have you got a favorite travel moment with your dad?
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  • A few days ago I got to share this special moment with my mum. Footsteps in perfect sand, warm sun and a cool gentle breeze. 3 generations walking alongside each other with almost nobody else around to interrupt our experience.
The waves were loud and tall, the hues of the water were soft and cool, and everything felt just right.This is why I choose to travel and live abroad. To be able to offer moments like these to the ones I love. This day out cost me almost nothing, yet I feel I’ve gained a memory that is priceless.Go find us on YouTube to watch the beautiful video we just made about the Costa da Prata where we currently live. The link is in my bio profile
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  • Peniche, here on the Silver Coast of Portugal this town is renowned for its surfing 🏄 away from the popular surf beaches, it also has some of the most stunning coast line with incredible rocky formations. Sitting up at the lighthouse we watched the boats go out across the Atlantic to Berlengas Island, a choppy 20-40 minute crossing, we wanted to go to do a hike with mum but they said it was too rough to take a child on board. Maybe near the end of the season we can try & make it out there! Swipe to see some epic drone shots of this beautiful part of Europe & tell me... have you ever braved the crossing & made it to Berlengas?
#familytraveltribe #travelwithkids #peniche #atlanticocean #portugalcoast #cabocarvoeiro #youtubefamily #familytravelvloggers #portugal #silvercoast #visitportugal #portugallovers #portugaltravel
  • Thank you mum. For facing your fear of flying and travel to come and see me here in this beautiful part of the world. The memories we’ve made here will be treasured permanently. .
#motherdaughter #familytravel #portugal #saomartinhodoporto #silvercoast #costadeprata #portugalemfotos
  • What is the Portuguese dream? And how can we convince our family to do it? We asked our Portuguese viewers what they define as the Portuguese dream. The end goal for their perfect life living in Portugal, and the common theme broke down into 4 catagories. TIME . MONEY . SAFETY . FAMILY
In this video we welcome Nanny Sue, Sacha's mum to Portugal to give her a taste of the Portuguese dream. A little chapter in our story, and then we interview her to ask what she thinks of the Portuguese dream of living a simple life in Portugal. Where she can reduce her living expenses, have more money left over and more time to spend with family.
It's interesting to hear her answers, and we think she was surprised to hear what our idea of the Portuguese dream was too.
All in all, whether you are Portuguese or a fellow visitor like us, the sentiment is the same. We all want more time to enjoy a simpler, less stressful life.What's your idea of the Portuguese dream?#TRAVELWITHKIDS #PORTUGAL #LIVINGINPORTUGAL
  • I asked my mum. “What is your idea of the Portuguese dream?” Her answer was almost exactly the same as every other Portuguese friend we’ve spoken to. (And questioned on IG 😊) More time for simple things, spending less, enjoying the outdoors, and of course doing it all with family.This is what we’ve discovered since moving to Portugal 3 years ago. Whether you are Portuguese yourself, or visitors to this amazing country like ourselves, the dream of the simple life seeps into you. And you begin to learn what it really is that makes you happy.But what is our idea of the Portuguese dream? Find out in tonight’s video on YouTube.
Search ‘The Portuguese Dream’ on YouTube at 6pm tonight. Or check the link in my profile to watch it. It’s full of beautiful moments and some inspirational talk too.
See you there 😊
#youtubefamily #theportuguesedream #travelwithkids #livinginportugal #portugal #portugalemfotos #arrabida #praiasdearrabida #motherdaughter #mummydaughter #storyember
  • Showing my mum where we currently call home. 🏡
The silver coast of Portugal has some truly impressive parts to it. One of our local favourites is the Óbidos lagoon where the water is warm and calm (which is quite rare for Portugal 😅)
Story loved playing with driftwood alongside the local fishing boats while sat on the sand for a picnic lunch.
Later we went into town to Caldas da Rainha for coffee. Nanny is getting some quality ‘story time’ and we are enjoying making memories together 😌
#lagoadeóbidos #lagoon #portugal #familytravel #travelwithkids #fozdoarelho #fishingboats #caldasdarainha #portugalemfotos #silvercoastportugal #eurifornia

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