8 Miles From Home. Not 80, Not 800.

But just 8 miles from our home in England, our car broke down and left us stranded. We talked a lot, and decided it was time to get a dog, move abroad, change our jobs and make movies about it… Read the whole story!

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  • Walking with Elephants... It difficult to imagine that an animal that weighs 2.2 tonnes can move almost silently through a forest.
That’s one of the main things we noticed as we followed these 5 majestic beings during their morning breakfast hunt.We felt like we had joined the herd and had to quickly move aside whenever the matriarch changed direction.
It was a noticeably different experience and we all felt incredibly privileged to be able to get so close to them but without disturbing their natural routine.All 6 elephants at @sappraiwanelephant_sanctuary were rescued from somewhere, whether it be an elephant riding camp or a performing position, and our guide told us that it takes 3 months to help the elephants to deprogram from their old jobs and just be elephants again, they come to the sanctuary like robots!Each elephant has an individual carer that they are used to, there are no bull hooks to control them, and you can tell that the animal really does have the upper hand in this place.
If they don’t want to go a certain way, that’s it, you have to mold your own movements to be able to get near them. You can feel that power.Story was such a brave girl once again and the elephant carers lit up with broad smiles as she showed such interest in being close to the elephants and asking their names. She soon renamed them herself to YoYo, Tracker, Rosemary, Elee & Marshall , and we as her parents left this experience with smiles so big that our cheeks hurt
From what we saw, we can highly recommend this Sanctuary, but please do your own research before booking elephant experiences in Thailand. It’s a tricky one to get right and we all want to do our best to reduce and eliminate cruelty to animals that we meet around the world 🙏🏻 #ethicalelephantsanctuary #sappraiwanelephantsanctuary #asianelephant #elephantsinthailand #elephantsanctuary #8milesfromhome #thewandering8 #storyember #3yearsold #worldschooling #travelwithkids
  • Story & the Elephant.  After months of talking to Story about seeing elephants in Thailand, today was the day we got to meet Sang Dao, (star light) A 62 year old elephant, living at the sanctuary after being rescued from the logging industry. She is the oldest of the elephants here & Story helped to prepare the special food for her dinner. We hand fed Sang Dao her favorite snack of bananas and pineapple leaves & Story helped the Mahout with giving the water after her meal.  We learnt so much about these amazing animals & spent a rather special 2 hours in the company of Sang Dao, or Yai as they call her, which is Thai for granny.  As well as being quite in awe of this experience, Story also impressed me with her kindness at wanting to help & reaching out to stroke Sang Dao, laughing when the inquisitive trunk came forward to check her out! When we first arrived, Story jumped out of the truck & walked toward the elephant all by herself, not showing an ounce of fear. She makes my heart glow & it is by teaching compassion we can make this world a better place 💕
@sappraiwanelephant_sanctuary (Quick note, we chose this elephant sanctuary for its reputable ethics regarding elephant care. There is no riding, forced bathing or showmanship  anywhere. Just 6 well cared for rescued elephants with over 300 acres of jungle to roam free in. The chain pictured on this elephants foot was there to keep her in place while she ate her prepared food only. She has no teeth and must eat a special diet. Once she has eaten she is free to roam like the others in the sanctuary. From what we saw, this Thai sanctuary was one of the good ones 🙏🏻😊) #sappraiwanelephantsanctuary #asianelephants #thailandexperience #travelwithkids #worldschooling #teachthemyoung #compassionforanimals #rescuedelephants
  • Story was watching me pose awkwardly for Bikini photos and decided it’d be funny to join in. But quickly lost interest to the call of the water as she pretended to swim off in the kiddy pool with her legs walking along the bottom.Having a swimming pool in our holiday apartment has been amazing.  Story was so excited every time she saw the water & it was a hard task getting her out of it each time! Even after over 2 hours of water action she still wanted more.  Going for a swim before dinner in the afternoon light was a real luxury & we made the most of it!
#huahin #apartmentliving #swimmingpooltime #luxurytravel #watergirl #travelwithkids #thailandtravel #3yearold #storyember #amazingthailand #bikinishot #sunsout
  • It's already been 5 days into our trip to Thailand and we feel like we need more time! We've kind of slipped back into our old life, running on the warm water beaches and drinking REALLY good coffee almost everywhere.We've even been cooking Thai food at home after hours working at the laptop too.So the thought that we are heading 100's of kilometres north tomorrow makes me feel strangely hesitant 😕
Of course we want to go, and we will probably feel the same in the next locations too. The world really is a small place when you move about.Story and Phwah Phwah are both pumped for the next leg of the journey. So let's get this show on the road!#thewandering8 #8milesfromhome #travelwithkids #thailand #huahin #thailandbeach #worldschooling #youtubefamily #familyvloggers #travelfamily #homeiswheretheheartis #velocafe #doichangcoffee
  • We are back in Thailand! Yesterday I sent my sister this picture & she said 'I think Thailand is your Zen place' .... I think she might be right!
We have so many exciting plans ahead and can't wait to film them all for you to watch on YouTube. Just a few more days sorting paperwork for the old classic Ford and we'll be off into the land of Elephants and Monkeys. Story can't wait!#happyhearts #feelingzen #thailandtravel #travelwithkids #asianadventure #familytravel #youtubefamily #mummydaughter #thewandering8 #coco51
  • Our trip to Devon for @mothergoodofficial ‘s birthday was stunning as predicted. We can only imagine how beautiful it all looks in the summer sun!
This little getaway was the first official step in our ambitious travel plans for this year. #thewandering8 is well and truly under way and we are so excited to share the videos of our adventures with you all.
Next country? THAILAND#devonuk #eastdevon #blackborough #englishheritagesites #englishheritage #england #storyember #unitedkingdom
  • Our first post of the year! We are well into 2020 now & are a bit late with our new year wishes to you all, but better late than never hey, Happy New Year!
We started the year off in England where we are now counting down the days until our epic Asian adventure.  We are looking forward to getting our bodies back in that 30degree heat yet our hearts are a little sad to be leaving Eden behind for 10 weeks.
She has been enjoying her muddy walks through the forest & we have been spending lots of time with her. She has come alive in the cooler weather & there’s a lovely spring in her step, even though she is now the grand age of 15!
Check out our year round up video on YouTube & visit Patreon to see more updates from our family life .
#englandlife #eppingforest #thewandering8 #youtubers #familylife #winterinengland #blackandwhite #moodyphotography #monochrome #forestwalk #2020
  • As we near England, we thought we’d throwback to some sunnier days in Portugal & thinking ahead to these 3 little ones being reunited. It’s been less than 3 months but Story has changed a lot since then, even for us to notice, she’s grown up into her 3 year old status & I’m excited to see what they get up to on our England adventures! Swipe to see a chair stealer & sunglass snatcher!
#cousins #familytimes #throwback #portugal #newadventuresawait #growingup #silvercoastportugal #growingupinportugal
  • Always remember to find the good all around you & appreciate the little things.
This has become so much easier with this little ray of sunshine aroundShe helps us to see past the barriers that we build as adults, and reminds us to look at things through the eyes of a child.
After days of rainy weather, Story emerged ready to take on the puddles the storm left in its wake. Pretending to be a flamingo & tiptoeing through the deep parts.
This brought a little magic to what would have been dreary day at home. What was your tiny moment of the day?
#storyember #3yearold #muddypuddles #appreciatethelittlethings #findthegood #livinginportugal #travelwithkids #thesetinymoments #8milesfromhome #portugal
  • We’re starting to feel the reality of our decision to travel to 8 countries next year with Story.Leaving behind this beautiful country that we call home to go see the world was a big decision. But if anyone’s ready for it, it’s this little one!She has been so excited to talk about all the animals she’s going to find on her adventures in Asia, and hearing her talking with glee eases all our worries and empowers us to make sure we make it happen for her.Today she got a new animal friend from one of our 8-milers who just happened to be passing through the park. A total coincidence meeting, and Story has named her new unicorn ‘Runner’. These photos are from our last sunny day in Caldas Da Rainha. We even saw Green parakeets in the trees today!Find out more about our huge travel plan in the link in my profile 😊#thewandering8 #8milesfromhome #storyember #travel2020 #parquedomcarlos #caldasdarainha #portugal #portugal_photos #portugal_places #travelwithkids #travellingwithkids

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